Melee Discord Servers

Join our Discord server here. Below is a list of Discord servers for general play, characters, communities, and learning. Each are broken up into categories. While this page is still being built, view the Smashcords list.


Icon Name Description Invite
Super Smash Bros. Melee General purpose Melee Discord server. Join
Slippi Official Project Slippi Discord server. Join
The Melee Workshop Melee modding hacks, guides, and other resources. Join
m-ex m-ex is a modding system that allows for the expansion of content in Melee. Join
Smash Stadium Has the most up-to-date Melee speedrun info. Join


Icon Name Description Invite
Melee Online General matchmaking server. Join
Melee Newbie Netplay Matchmaking for newer players to play against each other. Join
Alarach For low level/average players to find matches and join tournaments in both USA and EU. Join
Melee Training Room For training, labbing, and getting better. Join
Turnip Teams Lounge For doubles matchmaking. Join


Region - North America, Canada

Region - North America, United States

Region - Central America

Region - South America

Region - Europe

Region - Asia

Region - Oceania

Region - Middle East

Discord Bots

If you're running your own Discord server, these are useful Melee-related bots you can add. Add them below.


Add this bot to your Discord server to manage Slippi connect codes cross-server. Use &help to start.


Add this bot to your Discord server to get frame data on-the-fly. Use -c help to start.

Add or Update A Melee Regional Discord Server

If you'd like to add a regional Discord server not on this list, or if an invite link needs updating, please submit a permanent invite link in the Melee Discord server. Please note that we are only accepting servers with 100 or more members at this time, and a submission does not guarantee an inclusion on this list. To avoid including redundant servers, we will only select the most active of the options submitted.