The Super Smash Bros. Melee. hub for playing, learning, and creating.

Get the Essentials

Get Super Smash Bros. Melee. You can play on console (GameCube/Wii) or emulator (PC). To work with Slippi, make sure it's a NTSC v1.02 (USA region). Also obtain an official GameCube controller. Make sure to get first party, Nintendo-made controllers only (advanced guide).


Install Slippi netplay, a fork of the Dolphin Emulator, to play Super Smash Bros. Melee with rollback netcode (tutorial). Install the Slippi desktop app to save match replays. Drag an drop .slp files to Slippi Stats to instantly generate graphics from replays. Join the Slippi Discord server for support.

Platforms: Windows MacOS Linux

Controller Adapter

Get a GameCube controller adapter for your PC, preferably a Nintendo or Mayflash 4-port adapter. Install drivers to get it set up with Slippi (Windows tutorial). Advanced: overclock your adapter and increase your input polling rate (Windows tutorial). Mayflash V0.5 firmware link.

Platforms: Windows MacOS Linux

Stream + Capture

Install Open Broadcasting Software to stream and record your screen. Install M'Overlay for GameCube controller input display and Slippi music player (tutorial). Use the Melee Stream tool to add a dynamic overlay to OBS and update match information in real time (tutorial).

OBS: Windows MacOS Linux | M'Overlay/Stream Tool: Windows Linux

Compile + Edit

Automatically find combos to easily create clips from your Slippi replays with Clippi (video tutorial / written tutorial). Install OBS to record your clips. Use video editing software DaVinci Resolve to compile your screen recordings into highlight reels (tutorial).

Platforms: Windows MacOS Linux


Add Features

Use Gecko codes to add more features to Melee on Slippi / Dolphin. Enable PAL stock icons, enhance footage capture options, and more.

Run on Weaker PCs

Download Diet Melee, a lower-poly build, built for weaker hardware. Character and stage models are simplified for increased performance.

HD Texture Pack

Get the latest HD texture pack for Melee and load it on Dolphin / Slippi.

Custom Textures

Use DAT Texture Wizard to add custom textures to your copy of Melee.

Discord Rich Presence

Share that you're playing Melee on Discord with two clicks.

Add to Steam Library

Add Slippi to Steam as Melee, and launch your ISO automatically.


Melee Discord Server Directory

View the list of SSBM-related Discord servers, including Melee Online, Netplay Newbies as well as regional and character servers.

CodeMan Discord Bot

Add this bot to your Discord server to manage Slippi connect codes and matchmaking cross-server. Once added, use &help to get started.

Online Events Calendar

Discover upcoming Melee tournaments to compete in or submit one you're running.

View Melee speedruns for each category and submit your own.


Rip Your Copy

Use this guide to backup your copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee and save it as an ISO.

Learn the Game

Visit the Melee Library or watch SSBM Tutorials and learn how to play.

20XX Training Hack Pack

Download this patch to train (tutorial). Full of helpful settings for practice and additional content.

UnclePunch Training Mode

This modpack helps you practice by providing pre-made, specific training scenarios (tutorial).


HD Assets

Browse the ever-growing library of Melee HD assets for content creators.


Watch the Smash Brothers Documentary to learn about the competitive scene.

Live Streams

Watch Super Smash Bros. Melee streams on Twitch and see who's live right now.

Melee VODs

View on-demand match clips from recent notable Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments.